SubOptic 2023

Navigating the Open Seas -
Collaboration on our Critical Infrastructure

13-16 March
Bangkok, Thailand


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Get Ready SubOptic 2023 is around the corner

SubOptic 2023, the industry-renowned submarine telecoms conference, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 13-16 March 2023. A triennial event, the SubOptic conference is the longest running and most comprehensive conference series in the world for the submarine cable industry.

The event promises to be the best yet with a comprehensive world class agenda, an exhibition showcasing the latest subsea technologies and a multitude of networking opportunities. All set in the vibrant and exciting city of Bangkok, an Asian hub and gateway to the East.


SubOptic 2023 Keynote Speakers


Urs Hölzle
Senior VP of Technical Infrastructure


Urs Hölzle, Senior VP of Technical Infrastructure, Google speaking at SubOptic 2023

Thomas E. Abell
Chief of Digital Technology for Development
Asian Development Bank


Thomas E. Abell, Chief of Digital Technology for Development, Asian Development Bank speaking at SubOptic 2023


SubOptic 2023 Speakers


  • Daniele Androni at SubOptic 2023
    Daniele Androni
    Chief Executive Officer
    subphoton srl
    Yan Aoshuang at SubOptic 2023
    Yan Aoshuang
    Solution Manager
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Jean-Francois Baget at SubOptic 2023
    Jean-Francois Baget
    Alcatel Submarine Networks
    Stuart Barnes at SubOptic 2023
    Stuart Barnes
  • Scott Bickham at SubOptic 2023
    Scott Bickham
    Development Fellow
    Steinar Bjørnstad at SubOptic 2023
    Steinar Bjørnstad
    Strategic Competence and Research Manager
    Tampnet AS
  • Jean-Pierre Blondel at SubOptic 2023
    Jean-Pierre Blondel
    Alcatel Submarine Networks
    Iago Bojczuk at SubOptic 2023
    Iago Bojczuk
    Research Assistant & PhD Candidate
    Sustainable Subsea Networks & University of Cambridge
  • Alexis Carbo Meseguer at SubOptic 2023
    Alexis Carbo Meseguer
    Alcatel Submarine Networks
    Rob Cash at SubOptic 2023
    Rob Cash
    Operations Manager
    Parkburn Precision Handling Systems
  • Mike Clare at SubOptic 2023
    Mike Clare
    Principal Researcher
    National Oceanography Centre, UK
    René d’Avezac de Moran at SubOptic 2023
    René d’Avezac de Moran
    Service Line Manager
    Fugro Singapore Marine Pte Ltd
  • Paul Davison at SubOptic 2023
    Paul Davison
    Soil Machine Dynamics Limited
    Simone Donadello at SubOptic 2023
    Simone Donadello
    Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica
  • Zhang Donghai at SubOptic 2023
    Zhang Donghai
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Sumudu Edirisinghe at SubOptic 2023
    Sumudu Edirisinghe
    Advanced Optical Development
    Infinera Corporation
  • Zhang Fang at SubOptic 2023
    Zhang Fang
    Senior Network Solution Manager
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
    James Francis at SubOptic 2023
    James Francis
    Alcatel Submarine Networks
  • Tony Frisch at SubOptic 2023
    Tony Frisch
    Chongyao Gao at SubOptic 2023
    Chongyao Gao
    Hardware Engineer
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Tommy Geisler at SubOptic 2023
    Tommy Geisler
    LEAD Engineer
    OFS Fitel Denmark, ApS
    Lorraine Gray at SubOptic 2023
    Lorraine Gray
    Director of Permitting
    Pioneer Consulting
  • Lijun Hao at SubOptic 2023
    Lijun Hao
    Structural and Materials Engineer
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Tadafumi Hirose at SubOptic 2023
    Tadafumi Hirose
  • Alan Hollander at SubOptic 2023
    Alan Hollander
    Sr. Director, System Engineering
    Zhao Hongcai at SubOptic 2023
    Zhao Hongcai
    Solution Manager
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Huiling Kang at SubOptic 2023
    Huiling Kang
    R&D Engineer
    Hengtong Marine Cable Systems Co., Ltd
    Stephen Lentz at SubOptic 2023
    Stephen Lentz
    Director, Network Development
    Ocean Specialists, Inc.
  • Chen Liang at SubOptic 2023
    Chen Liang
    Marine Installation Supervisor
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Jiang Lin at SubOptic 2023
    Jiang Lin
    Test Manager
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Nate Lindsey at SubOptic 2023
    Nate Lindsey
    Lead Scientist
    Lina Ma at SubOptic 2023
    Lina Ma
    Permit Manager
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Hui Ma at SubOptic 2023
    Hui Ma
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Scott Mabin at SubOptic 2023
    Scott Mabin
    Product Lead Subsea Technologies
    Royal IHC
  • Jeremie Maillet at SubOptic 2023
    Jeremie Maillet
    VP Marine Operations
    Alcatel Submarine Networks
    Giuseppe Marra at SubOptic 2023
    Giuseppe Marra
    Principle Research Scientist
    National Physical Laboratory
  • Daishi Masuda at SubOptic 2023
    Daishi Masuda
    OCC corporation
    Eduardo Mateo at SubOptic 2023
    Eduardo Mateo
    Director of Network Architecture and Core Technology Strategy
    NEC Corporation
  • Pierre Mertz at SubOptic 2023
    Pierre Mertz
    Ronaldo Moidano at SubOptic 2023
    Ronaldo Moidano
    Project Manager
    Zemax Servicos Maritimos Ltda.
  • Jan Petter Morten at SubOptic 2023
    Jan Petter Morten
    Principal Engineer
    Alcatel Submarine Networks Norway AS
    Kohei Nakamura at SubOptic 2023
    Kohei Nakamura
    assistant manager
    NEC Corporation
  • Sho Nakayama at SubOptic 2023
    Sho Nakayama
    OCC corporation
    Heiner Ottersberg at SubOptic 2023
    Heiner Ottersberg
    Director Technology
    Prysmian Group
  • Serguei Papernyi at SubOptic 2023
    Serguei Papernyi
    Senior Scientist
    MPB Communications
    Oli Pope at SubOptic 2023
    Oli Pope
    Route Position L.L.C.
  • Xiaoyong Qin at SubOptic 2023
    Xiaoyong Qin
    Optical Engineer
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Madanagopal Ramachandran at SubOptic 2023
    Madanagopal Ramachandran
    Senior Technical Architect
    NMSWorks Software Private Limited
  • Alan Rand at SubOptic 2023
    Alan Rand
    Managing Director
    American Manufactured Structures and Services
    Gustavo Regnicoli at SubOptic 2023
    Gustavo Regnicoli
    Business Development Director
    R&G Telecomm Group
  • Daniel Saathoff at SubOptic 2023
    Daniel Saathoff
    Director Technology
    Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH / Prysmian Group
    Weiwei Shen at SubOptic 2023
    Weiwei Shen
    R&D Manager
    Hengtong Marine Cable Systems Co., Ltd
  • Xianpu Su at SubOptic 2023
    Xianpu Su
    Technical Manager
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Anjali Sugadev at SubOptic 2023
    Anjali Sugadev
    Law and Policy Lead
    Sustainable Subsea Networks
  • Ryota Suganuma at SubOptic 2023
    Ryota Suganuma
    Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd.
    Hitoshi Takeshita at SubOptic 2023
    Hitoshi Takeshita
    NEC Corporation
  • David Tossell at SubOptic 2023
    David Tossell
    Alcatel Submarine Networks
    Pierre Tremblay at SubOptic 2023
    Pierre Tremblay
    Principal Architect, Subsea Networks
  • Siddharth Varughese at SubOptic 2023
    Siddharth Varughese
    Principal Optical Engineer
    Infinera Corporation
    David Walters at SubOptic 2023
    David Walters
  • Stuart Wilson at SubOptic 2023
    Stuart Wilson
    Route Engineering and Survey Manager
    Global Marine
    Zhang Xiaolong at SubOptic 2023
    Zhang Xiaolong
    Senior Route Engineer
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Fatih Yaman at SubOptic 2023
    Fatih Yaman
    Senior research staff member
    NEC Laboratories America, Inc
    Qizheng Yang at SubOptic 2023
    Qizheng Yang
    Cable Route Engineer
    HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Qi Zhenfei at SubOptic 2023
    Qi Zhenfei
    HMN Technologies Co., Limited
    Benyuan Zhu at SubOptic 2023
    Benyuan Zhu
  • Thomas E. Abell at SubOptic 2023
    Thomas E. Abell
    Advisor, SDCC and Chief of Digital Technology for Development Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
    Asian Development Bank
    Naaz Bax at SubOptic 2023
    Naaz Bax
    Head Of Marketing - Events
    Seaborn Networks
  • Geoff Bennett at SubOptic 2023
    Geoff Bennett
    Director Solutions and Technology
    Stuart Blythe at SubOptic 2023
    Stuart Blythe
    Baker Botts (UK) LLP
  • Kent Bressie at SubOptic 2023
    Kent Bressie
    Partner And Head Of International Practice
    Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP
    Lane Burdette at SubOptic 2023
    Lane Burdette
    Research Analyst
  • Laurent Campagne at SubOptic 2023
    Laurent Campagne
    Senior Project Manager
    Mattia Cantono at SubOptic 2023
    Mattia Cantono
    Network Architect
    Google LLC
  • Ranjith Cherickel at SubOptic 2023
    Ranjith Cherickel
    Founder And Chief Executive Officer
    Mike Conradi at SubOptic 2023
    Mike Conradi
    DLA Piper
  • Jo Conroy at SubOptic 2023
    Jo Conroy
    Technical Program Manager
    Lex Coors at SubOptic 2023
    Lex Coors
    Chief Data Center Technology and Engineering Officer
    Digital Realty
  • David Coughlan at SubOptic 2023
    David Coughlan
    Managing Director
    Olivier Courtois at SubOptic 2023
    Olivier Courtois
    Alcatel Submarine Networks
  • Philippe Dumont at SubOptic 2023
    Philippe Dumont
    Chief Executive Officer
    Laure Duvernay at SubOptic 2023
    Laure Duvernay
    Alcatel Submarine Networks
  • Katherine Edwards at SubOptic 2023
    Katherine Edwards
    Senior Commercial Manager Subsea Investments
    Mark Englund at SubOptic 2023
    Mark Englund
    Chief Executive Officer
    Fiber Sense Ltd
  • Graham Evans at SubOptic 2023
    Graham Evans
    Managing Director, Subsea Cable Business
    EGS (Asia) Ltd
    Darwin Evans at SubOptic 2023
    Darwin Evans
    Director, Product Line Mgt
  • Stephen Grubb at SubOptic 2023
    Stephen Grubb
    Global Optical Architect
    Barny Harmse at SubOptic 2023
    Barny Harmse
    Executive Chairman & CEO
    Paratus Telecommunications
  • Nick Harrington at SubOptic 2023
    Nick Harrington
    Submarine Cable Engineer
    Takemi Hasegawa at SubOptic 2023
    Takemi Hasegawa
    R&D Manager
    Sumitomo Electric Industries
  • Gang He at SubOptic 2023
    Gang He
    Principal Resaerch Scientist
    EXFO Inc.
    John Hedgpeth at SubOptic 2023
    John Hedgpeth
    Submarine Product Line Manager
    Corning Incorporated
  • Urs Hölzle at SubOptic 2023
    Urs Hölzle
    Vice President of Engineering
    Bruce Howe at SubOptic 2023
    Bruce Howe
    Joint Task Force for SMART Cables and University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Michael Hubbard at SubOptic 2023
    Michael Hubbard
    Director, Optical System Performance
    Nigel Irvine at SubOptic 2023
    Nigel Irvine
    Principal Submarine Cable Engineer
  • Venkata Jasti at SubOptic 2023
    Venkata Jasti
    Submarine Cable Group Manager
    Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.
    Valey Kamalov at SubOptic 2023
    Valey Kamalov
    Former principal engineer
    Google LLC
  • Takeshi Kawasaki at SubOptic 2023
    Takeshi Kawasaki
    NTT Ltd. Japan
    Kitch Kennedy at SubOptic 2023
    Kitch Kennedy
    Director for Ocean Mapping
  • Sergejs Makovejs at SubOptic 2023
    Sergejs Makovejs
    Senior Commercial Technology Associate
    Alan Mauldin at SubOptic 2023
    Alan Mauldin
    Research Director
  • Glen Maule at SubOptic 2023
    Glen Maule
    Head Global Sales Dataport
    Liquid intelligent Technologies
    George Mohs at SubOptic 2023
    George Mohs
    Chief Technology Officer
    SubCom LLC
  • Maurizio Mollano at SubOptic 2023
    Maurizio Mollano
    Physicist, Product Manager
    Makai Ocean Engineering
    Richard Norris at SubOptic 2023
    Richard Norris
    Senior Director, Engineering
  • Jol Paling at SubOptic 2023
    Jol Paling
    Managing Director
    Subsea Networks Ltd
    Andy Palmer-Felgate at SubOptic 2023
    Andy Palmer-Felgate
    Submarine Cable Engineer
  • Cynthia Perret at SubOptic 2023
    Cynthia Perret
    Senior Infrastructure Program Manager
    Philippe Perrier at SubOptic 2023
    Philippe Perrier
    Submarine Cable Systems Engineer
  • Philip Pilgrim at SubOptic 2023
    Philip Pilgrim
    NAM Subsea
    Nikki Popoola at SubOptic 2023
    Nikki Popoola
    Sales Director
  • Elizabeth Rivera Hartling at SubOptic 2023
    Elizabeth Rivera Hartling
    Subsea Optical Architect
    Andrew Robinson at SubOptic 2023
    Andrew Robinson
    Director of System Engineering
  • Nicole Starosielski at SubOptic 2023
    Nicole Starosielski
    Associate Professor
    New York University
    Igor Stouklov at SubOptic 2023
    Igor Stouklov
    OFP Ltd
  • Tim Stronge at SubOptic 2023
    Tim Stronge
    Vice President of Research
    Lynsey Thomas at SubOptic 2023
    Lynsey Thomas
    Subsea Networks Ltd
  • Giuseppe Valentino at SubOptic 2023
    Giuseppe Valentino
    Head Of Data Products
    Telecom Italia Sparkle
    Dean Veverka at SubOptic 2023
    Dean Veverka
    Chief Technology Officer
    Southern Cross Cable
  • Gary Waterworth at SubOptic 2023
    Gary Waterworth
    Network Investments
    Simon Webster at SubOptic 2023
    Simon Webster
    Submarine Networks
    NEC Europe Ltd
  • Ryan Wopschall at SubOptic 2023
    Ryan Wopschall
    General Manager
    Zhongwen Zhan at SubOptic 2023
    Zhongwen Zhan
    California Institute of Technology
  • Mike Hollands at SubOptic 2023
    Mike Hollands
    Senior Director, Market Development
    digital realty



Packed 4-day Conference and Networking Agenda




Announcing 2023 masterclasses

Seismology with Submarine Cables
Subsea Network Resilience
Open cable
Legal & regulatory
Marine Survey
History of cables


"As we move towards SubOptic 2023, we look forward to seeing everyone again in person, and as a community supporting and showcasing the great work that we all do ‘for the industry, by the industry’.

I invite you to be part of the conversation where the most influential learning, sharing and inspiration will play out between industry experts."

Paul Gabla, VP Sales and Marketing, Alcatel Submarine Networks, President, SubOptic Association


"HMN Technologies is deeply honoured to host SubOptic 2023. This premier event, held in one of the most dynamic cities in Asia, constitutes another important milestone for our industry.

I look forward to welcoming professionals, experts and interested parties from across our community to share thoughts, engage in robust discussion and advance our critical contribution to powering the world's digital economy."

Mike Constable, HMN Technologies

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See you 13-16 March 2023 in Bangkok