Clean Green Submarine, Protecting and Connecting People and the Planet

Vice Chairs Clean Green Submarine, Protecting and Connecting People and the Planet

Elena Badiola & Lynsey Thomas, Subsea Networks


This topic area covers the environmental and social responsibility of the subsea community. This encompasses subjects such as the use of renewable energy in telecoms networks, development and implementation of sensor technology, ocean observatories, SMART cables and green initiatives for marine survey, installation & operations. On a similar theme, submarine cable decommissioning, recovery, recycling and redeployment also falls within this topic. From a citizenship perspective aspects such as harmony amongst seabed users, meeting requirements of environment agencies, educating governments, communities and the public at large about subsea systems, creating the next generation of the work force and ensuring diversity and inclusion within organizations are crucial for creating a sustainable community. Finally, and crucially, this topic area will address brokering the global digital divide through increased connectivity and access.


  • Renewable energy in telecoms networks
  • Green initiatives for marine operations 
  • Submarine cable decommissioning


  • Optical Sensor Technologies (Distributed Acoustic Sensing, Phase and Polarization)
  • Ocean Observatories
  • SMART cables

Global Citizenship

  • Brokering digital divide
  • Diversity and inclusion in the industry
  • Creating next generation of our workforce


“It gives us great pleasure to chair this diverse, fascinating, and important topic area. The relationship between the subsea industry and sustainability, environmental protection and global connectivity is a crucial one that will determine our next steps for the coming decade and beyond. Progress is ultimately underpinned by the creation of a strong workforce built on inclusivity and shared knowledge and experiences. By focusing on the three key areas outlined above, the SubOptic community will ensure that as capacity continues to grow so does the approach to our environmental and social responsibilities.”


Guideline for Submission

The SubOptic Papers Committee is pleased to request industry experts to submit Abstracts for papers to be presented as either oral or poster presentations at SubOptic 2023


Deadline for Abstract Submission

The deadline for submission of Abstracts is 16 September 2022


Format of Abstracts

Abstracts must be written in English, and consist of plain text only, maximum 300 words. Essentially the abstract should be a brief summary (or an 'abstract') of the proposed paper or poster.

Each Abstract should be original in nature and cover some aspect of the program topics detailed in this Call for Papers. Abstracts will be evaluated and scored for quality, credibility, originality and general interest.

Overt product advertising or company publicity within an Abstract (or the subsequent paper) is not permissible and will be cause for rejection of the submission.

Any type of company of the submarine industry (operators, vendors, manufacturers, service providers, etc.) is invited to submit.


Abstract Submission Method

To submit an Abstract for consideration, the lead author of the paper should:

  1. Click on "Enter Call for Papers Portal"   
  2. If this is your first submission you will be required to register. Complete all the details in the form and submit
  3. You will be sent an email confirmation and be directed to the submissions form.
  4. Fill in the submission form, then click on ‘Submit’(note all fields with an asterisk are required)
  5. You will receive an email confirming your form submission
  6. You can submit multiple submissions 
  7. You will be able to edit your submission up until the 16 September 2022

The SubOptic 2023 Papers Committee reserves the right to change the designated topic area for any Abstract, as may be appropriate.


Notification of Acceptance

Under the guidance of the SubOptic 2023 Papers Committee, multi-company panels of industry experts will review all abstracts in an objective and professional manner, and select the papers desired for presentation at the conference. The Lead Author will be notified by email in early November 2022 of the committee's decision.


Publication in the Proceedings of SubOptic 2023

If an Abstract is accepted for oral or poster presentation, the author will be required to submit a paper (nominally three to five pages, but any length within reason will be accepted), written in English, to the SubOptic 2023 Papers Committee by 31 January 2023

Accepted papers will be published in the SubOptic 2023 Conference proceedings, contingent upon the transfer of copyright to the SubOptic 2023 Executive Committee.