Postponement FAQs

Why is SubOptic 2022 being postponed?

SubOptic 2022 is being postponed because of the ongoing uncertainty around Covid-19. Looking at the incidence of Covid-19 in Thailand, the rate of infections, the vaccination programme and the travel policies in place worldwide, the EC decided it would not be possible to run the conference in April 2022 in Asia with the global attendance that SubOptic strives to achieve.


Can you guarantee it won’t move to an online / virtual or hybrid event?

The decision has been taken to postpone the conference one year rather than move to a virtual or hybrid event.


Why not run a virtual event in 2022?

As a conference that only runs every three years, the face-face nature of SubOptic is a critical aspect of the conference and there is no willingness to hold the conference otherwise.


Will the venue be the same?

The objective is to run the conference in the same location, Bangkok, and same venue, ICONSIAM, at around the same time of year, March-May in 2023. Details will be announced as soon as available.


Will costs remain the same for sponsorship / passes?

All sponsorship and exhibition packages and registration rates will remain the same price. This presupposes there is not a significant change in the location/venue of the conference in 2023.


I’ve already purchased a sponsorship package – can my organisation get a refund?

SAll sponsorship packages will be automatically rolled over to 2023. If you wish to discuss your sponsorship package please contact Adam Ball ( )


I’ve already purchased passes - can my organisation get a refund?

SAll registration passes will be automatically rolled over to 2023. If you wish to discuss your existing registration please contact Sunny Wilson ( )


Will registration rates remain the same?

Yes, registration rates will remain the same with revised dates for booking at the different rates (Association member discount, early bird etc) to be announced.


Can my hotel reservation be carried forward to 2023 without penalty?

Yes, if you have reserved hotel rooms at the Hilton or Peninsula hotels through our event manager Terrapinn, they can be rolled forward to 2023. If you have reserved hotel rooms privately, you will have to negotiate with the hotel in question.


Does this mean there is a further extension to abstract submissions?

Yes, there will be the opportunity to submit abstracts again next year. The Programme Committee will announce the paper submission and selection schedule for 2023 in the updated Call for Papers early 2022.


What happens to the abstract I have already submitted?

SAuthors who have already submitted abstracts have the option to a) leave their abstract as is and it will be reviewed according to the new schedule b) update their abstract or c) withdraw their abstract. The Call of Papers portal remains open for those authors already registered. It will remain open until end October 2021 for authors to update or withdraw their abstract. The portal will then close and will reopen again when the updated Call for Papers is launched in 2022. When the portal reopens authors who do not withdraw their abstract will again have the opportunity to update their abstract as and when required until the new abstract submission deadline.


Is the abstract I have submitted visible to the Papers Committee?

No, abstracts submitted are not visible to any of the Papers Committee. Abstracts will not be visible to VCs or Reviewers until a new date to be announced for start of reviews in 2022.


What will be the deadline for submission of full papers currently scheduled for 31 January 2022?

The deadline for submission of papers will be revised according to the new Call for Papers schedule to be announced early 2022.


Will the topic areas change in the updated Call for Papers?

No, the topic areas will not change in the updated Call for Papers.


What will happen to the SubOptic student sponsorships/grants announced recently? When can I apply?

The student sponsorships/grants will be available for attendance at the conference in 2023. The deadline for grant application will be extended in line with the new Call for Papers schedule to be announced although applications can be submitted at any time. As previously grants are dependent on having an abstract accepted for presentation at the conference.


Will the conference agenda remain the same?

The theme of the conference will remain the same and the overall structure of the programme is not expected to change significantly. The detailed content is still in the process of being defined and will continue to be updated by the Programme Committee during 2022. If you have new ideas for the conference content please contact the Programme Chair Maja Summers ( ).


Will the Programme Committee remain the same?

Yes, it is expected that the Programme Committee will remain the same.


Will the Papers Committee and Abstract Reviewers remain the same?

Anybody currently in the position of Vice Chair or Abstract Reviewer would be very welcome to keep their position and we expect the majority will do this. If there is anybody who now feels they would not like or are not able to keep their position please contact Valey Kamalov ( ).


What if the situation in Asia hasn’t improved by 2023?

The event manager and the SubOptic EC will continuously monitor the situation in Asia during 2022. The conference will only run in 2023 if it is safe to do so.


What will SubOptic do in the interim to keep members updated on its initiatives?

As always SubOptic will continue to keep members updated through their website and through regular Newsletters to our membership. It is also planned to run a Members Summit during the first half of 2022 which will be run more than once to cover different time zones.


Will the following conference take place in 2025 or 2026?

No decision has been taken on the timeframe for the following conference. The SubOptic EC will decide this in due course in consultation with SubOptic Association members.


What will happen to the make-up of the SubOptic Executive Committee and election of new officers?

The SubOptic constitution states that the term of SubOptic EC officers is defined from Pre-Conference Meeting to Post-Conference EC Meeting so the current Executive Committee members continue to serve until the conference in 2023. The nomination and election of new officers to the EC is delayed one year accordingly.