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David Tossell, , Alcatel Submarine Networks

David Tossell graduated from the Danish Maritime University in Svendborg in 1984 as Master Mariner and served as officer in specialised vessels including salvage vessels before joining the Danish Cableship fleet.
David has served as Captain in the ASN fleet up until 2007. With his transition to shore-based management, David spent 5 years in the ASN (ALDA) office in Paris until 2012 as Technical Marine Manager and a further 10 years as Director of Marine Engineering in London at ASN’s Greenwich site. He leads the engineering innovation and offshore resource teams with colleagues from France and  teams in ASN.


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WE2C – 2 Accuracy has a price

last published: 16/Mar/23 05:35 GMT
last published: 16/Mar/23 05:35 GMT

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