Gang He | Principal Resaerch Scientist

Gang He, Principal Resaerch Scientist, EXFO Inc.

Gang He Joined EXFO in 1992. He is currently principal research scientist in EXFO’s R&D department. His main research interests include advanced optical design, innovative spectral characterization methods, guided wave behavior and T&M technologies on next generation networks. He has been actively participating in the work of Standard Committees of IEC, TIA, ISO/IEC and ITU-T. He is now the vice chairs of Canadian Standards Subcommittee IEC/SC86B and IEC/SC86C. He has 24 patents, 27 published papers in Journals and international conferences and a book chapter. He is members of OPTICA and SPIE.


DAY 3 @ 13:15

TH2B – 2 New technique to probe wet plant for improved OSNR accuracy and effective non-linear noise

last published: 16/Mar/23 05:35 GMT
last published: 16/Mar/23 05:35 GMT

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