Graham Evans | Managing Director, Subsea Cable Business
EGS (Asia) Ltd

Graham Evans, Managing Director, Subsea Cable Business, EGS (Asia) Ltd

Graham has more than 44 years’ experience as a marine geoscientist, and is Managing Director Global
Subsea Cable Business for the EGS Survey Group of companies, and Executive Director of EGS Survey Pty
Ltd, Australia and EGS Americas Inc., USA. Graham has specialized in submarine cable route planning and
survey since 1990, and is a regular speaker at international submarine telecommunications conferences
Graham was elected Chairman of the International Cable Protection Committee in April 2022 having
completed a three-year term as ICPC Vice Chairman (2019 to 2022) and a previous three-year term as
Chairman (2016 to 2019). Graham has also served on the SubOptic Executive Committee since 2007, and is
an advisor to Terrapinn, organizers of the annual Submarine Networks World Conference in Singapore.

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