Michael Clare | Principal Researcher
National Oceanography Centre, UK

Michael Clare, Principal Researcher, National Oceanography Centre, UK

Dr Mike Clare is a Principal Researcher in Ocean Biogeoscience at the National Oceanography Centre, UK.
His research focuses on dynamic processes that operate in the deep sea, the influence of climate change
and human activities on the seafloor, and assessing risks to seafloor infrastructure, which has led to the
publication of more than 70 papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Since 2019, he has
served as the Marine Environmental Advisor to the International Cable Protection Committee, and as part
of that role, provides evidence for policy to the United Nations and OSPAR Commission. He currently leads
cutting-edge research into monitoring deep sea hazards and recent cable-damaging natural hazards in
the deep-sea Congo Canyon and offshore Tonga.



SubOptic Foundation Congress on Sustainability


Masterclass 6: Subsea Network Resilience

DAY 2 @ 13:00

WE2C – 1 What can we learn about volcanic hazards for subsea cables from the 2022 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption?

last published: 16/Mar/23 05:35 GMT
last published: 16/Mar/23 05:35 GMT

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