Pierre Tremblay | Principal Architect, Subsea Networks

Pierre Tremblay, Principal Architect, Subsea Networks, Equinix

Pierre is passionate about tackling complex issues in a multi-disciplinary environment and he gets great satisfaction out of working with a team of experts to do what no one could have done on their own.   Submarine cable systems, with its multiple technical disciplines, international nature, complex commercial and legal challenges are a perfect fit for a global citizen with a passion for learning and continuous improvement.  Pierre has worked globally for ASN, Ocean Specialists, Meta, and most recently for Equinix, as Principal Architect, Subsea Networks.  Pierre's journey has taken him from Quebec to Australia, France, Singapore, and the USA.


DAY 2 @ 13:15

WE2A – 2 Impact of Technology Evolution On Unit Cost And Bandwidth Price Erosion

last published: 16/Mar/23 05:35 GMT
last published: 16/Mar/23 05:35 GMT

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